Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CCM~ Gamma Year Week 1

This week, we talked about What is the Church? We recited the question and answer everyday. I dictated the answer for the kids to write down in the religion  notebooks. We talked about Baptism, the Seven Sacraments, and the Pope.

The Seven Continents

We labeled the CCM map the first day. The rest of the days, I had the kids point to the map and say what the continents were.
We did worksheets daily to reinforce the location and the spelling of the continents.

Continent Worksheets We Used
Super Worksheets
Crayola Worksheets
Worksheet Works- This site is great because you can show what you wanted included. You can have the continents labeled, oceans labeled, both or none at all. I chose to not have anything labeled and used it as a quiz for my kids!


We did various science experiments to introduce the kids to atoms and matter.

We read about Atoms in our Focus On Middle School Chemistry Student Textbook (softcover)
We watched Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD about atoms.

Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, and Ferdinand Magellan

We checked out a DVD from our library called Explorers of the World: Christopher Columbus. It's geared for grades 5th-8th grade.

A DVD geared for younger kids that would be great is Columbus: Adventures to the end of the World from CCC of America.

We filled in our explorer notebooking pages from Homeschool Share. We traced the routes of the explorers and added the maps to our history binder.
For fun, I had the kids create their own map of the New World. We used brown paper and watercolors.

Salve Regina

Everyday we listened to the Cd from CCM. We would sing along with the Chant Kit Cd after practicing the 2 lines we were learning. We bought this Cd set last year and have loved it. You get two discs and a book with the words to the prayers and hymns. It is a hit with Lego Man since it is monks singing, so no high picthed notes. It's very easy for everyone to follow along...even non singers.

I created a worksheet for the kids to put the Salve Regina in order. I also created a Hail Holy Queen worksheet, so they could match up the Latin sentences with their English meanings. I want my children to know the Latin prayers, but I also want them to understand what they are saying.

Since my kids are older and have mastered or almost mastered the multiples. We just listen to the Cd for reinforcement.

Great Words~
The kids have started working on their Christopher Columbus poem. I gave each one a copy and told them they are responsible for memorizing it. We go over it two times during the week, but I want them to take charge and learn it on their own. At the end of the poem, I will have child recite it. I offered a prize to them if they have it down pat....a trip to Sweet Frog's!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Early Explorer Notebooking Pages

While preparing the lessons for the first four weeks of our history this year, I realized I wanted a way for the kids to record some information about the explorers we would be studying. I went online in search of what I needed. I was able to find notebooking pages for some of the explorers, but not all.
I was able to find notebooking pages for most of the explorers over at Homeschool Share.
Unfortunately, they didn't have 7 of the explorers needed for the CCM weeks.

So what's a mom to do?
Create them herself!

I created the sheets to be similar to the ones I had found at Homeschool Share. I wanted the sheets to basically have the same information.

Here are the notebooking pages I created.

Samuel de Champlain

Robert de La Salle

Louis Joliet

Jacques Cartier

Francisco Pizarro

Henry Hudson

Father Marquette

I also created a Father Marquette Journaling page so the kids could write a brief summary of the book, Father Marquette and the Great Rivers.


Our State Study Scrapbook~ South Carolina

We finished South Carolina last year, but I never got around to posting about. South Carolina was the 8th state to join the Union. I visited Hilton Head, South Carolina as a child. I don't remember too much about it except that the ocean water was warm...which I liked. I hate it when the water is freezing! Maybe one day soon, we'll get the kids down there to the beaches.

For our study, we read a variety of books about the state. I always try to get a few books that discuss the history of the state, as well as, the state today. I do not expect the kids to remember the population or any other numbers, since they will change as time goes on.

Here are few of the books we used.


When choosing books to read, I pick out some that we read together and then a few the kids can read on their own.
After the kids learned. a little about South Carolina, they filled in their state notebooking pages. We like to use the ones from Harrington Harmonies.  Once all the state facts were filled in, we moved onto the scrapbook.

State Coloring Page
State Flag Coloring Page
State Quarter Coloring Page

We colored in South Carolina on our United States Map coloring page.

We learned about the state bird, the Carolina Wren. We read about its habitat and listened to it's call.

Source~ Wikipedia Commons

Here is a beautiful coloring page of the state flower and state bird.

Some fun recipes to try!

and for a yummy dessert...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fun Way to Learn the Latin Prayers...A Matching Game

While planning for the upcoming school year, I was trying to figure out a fun way to help reinforce the Latin prayers we would be learning this year.

I decided to break the prayer into lines and cut them apart. This will help the kids learn the prayer and it allows us to break it down into parts like CCM does.
So I typed up the prayers in Latin and in English. The kids can learn the prayers in Latin and English.
After they have learned the prayers, they can try to match up the Latin line with the English line of the prayer.

So far I have done the following prayers. You can download them for free.

All you have to do is print out the prayer sheets, cut the lines apart, and let the fun begin.
Children can practice putting the prayer in the proper order and after they have learned the prayer they can get practice matching up the Latin with the English.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Classically Catholic Memory Schedule

I am recording our journey through the Classically Catholic Memory program. We are currently in our 3rd year using the program. We started out with the Alpha year, did the Beta year, and we are now in the Gamma year.
We have really enjoyed this program. I love the hands on learning and the reinforcement of our faith this program offers. I have found it very easy to take the CCM program and build on it to make a complete curriculum. I love coming up with our lessons and always look forward to completing them.

CCM is broken up into 18 weeks. I recommend spending 2 weeks on each week. This would bring your school weeks up to 36 weeks. I have found 1 week on each week is not enough time to dig into the topics, especially if you have older kids. I do add supplements to the subjects so we can learn more. You can see our curriculum & book selections for this year here. 

CCM covers 8 subjects...Religion, Latin, History, Science, Math, Geography, Great Words, and the Timeline. We add onto Religion, History, & Science. We do a separate Spelling, Math and Latin program. Geography and Great Words we follow the CCM book.

So here is what our weekly CCM schedule would look like..

Week 1 & Week 2

    CCM co-op

    Great Words

    Great Words

    Great Words

   Great Words

After 2 weeks, we move on to the next CCM week.

We start school at 8:00 and are usually done by 1:00, sometimes earlier.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Snakes and Recording Our Scientific Data

Our furry, little cat who is an excellent mole/mouse catcher brought us a snake.

Our fierce hunter

Lego Man collected the snake and put him in an old flower pot. After safely securing the snake fromt he cat, he went in search of his microscope and field journal.

The hunter watching over her kill. 


Lego Man arranging the specimen for observation. You can still see that our cat hasn't left the table. She was very proud of herself.


Lego Man recorded the length, color, head and tail shape, etc. He was able to figure out that the snake was a rat snake. It was 8 inches long. 
Did you know that rat snakes have a pink belly? I didn't. 

The things you learn when you're a mom of a boy, especially if you really, really dislike creepy, crawly things.

Learning About Snakes

Before schools started back here, our local library held different programs throughout the summer. They offered a wide variety ranging from puppet shows, magic show, etc. In years past, we attended the puppet shows, magic shows, and other shows but we always had plans when they were holding the snake show. Yup...I said snakes. Lots of snakes....yucky.

This year, we were able to make it to the first showing. This class is so popular that they have 2 different showings at our library and 2 shows at the libraries in nearby towns. The kids love seeing the snakes. Some of the moms probably do to, but not me. I did touch one, but DEFINITELY did not hold one.

An iguana who ate a piece of fruit.

Lego Man was excited about the show. This is right up his alley

Princess P was excited, but unsure about holding them, but she did it. There were about 20 snakes at the show. At one point, I think at least 10 were out on the floor at the same time. 

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